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Why Cryptocurrency exchange sites are not investing in Ripple?

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The ripple being the second largest cryptocurrency in the world has lost its capacity to be added to the Coinbase platform – where investors have the right to choose wisely the type of cryptocurrency they plan on investing in. It is obvious that with the current rate of the ripples, it should be one of the very first to be added but the liability of the Coinbase platform to do this was endued to the problem the XRP right now.

The XRP has a court case going on about it if it is a form of security or not. Even if the XRP is not a security, no crypto platform will want to keep the ripple as one of its top-rated cryptocurrency because of the court issue which may be in the favor of the ripple or not.

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So many companies await the final outcome of the court matter so as to know of that ripple is a security or no. If the ripple is a security in contrast with its goals there may be a reduction in the use of the ripple but if the company is not a security, then this will propel the cryptocurrency one larger scale. If the. United States Securities and Exchange Commission considers the ripple as a security and the Ripples lab challenges this, there may be a need to take the matter to the federal court.

The result from the SEC is needed so as to know of the ripple is a worthy cryptocurrency as it is stated to be invested into by worthy investors. This court issue will bring a great change to the value and use if the ripples as a form of the transaction all over the world. If the currency is not a security, then it will have a quick growth in value as time goes by.

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