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CryptoDredge 0.14.0 — NVIDIA GPU Miner – More Hashrate!

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CryptoDredge is really easy to use. You don’t have to be IT professional to start making money. Each subsequent update will make things even more simple and clear for end user. CryptoDredge is the stable miner. A special module continuously watches the application to ensure it is actively running. In case of a serious error, mining will be restarted automatically.

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CryptoDredge is a simple in use and highly optimized cryptocurrency mining software. It takes full advantage of modern NVIDIA graphics cards through the use of unique optimization techniques. We have also devoted great attention to stable power consumption. These benefits, along with the very small devfee, make our product one of the best publicly available miners. You will see an outstanding performance of mining. CryptoDredge has a various cutting edge optimization techniques. The most popular algorithms are NeoScrypt, PHI1612, Lyra2REv2, Lyra2z. Use all the power of your GPUs and increase your profit.

  • Allium
  • BCD
  • BitCore
  • Blake (2s)
  • C11
  • CryptoLightV7    (Aeon)
  • CryptoNightFast  (Masari)
  • CryptoNightHaven
  • CryptoNightHeavy
  • Pipe
  • Polytimos
  • Dedal
  • Exosis
  • HMQ1725
  • Lbk3
  • Lyra2REv2
  • Lyra2vc0banHash
  • Lyra2z
  • NeoScrypt
  • Phi1612
  • Phi2
  • CryptoNightV7
  • Skein
  • Skunkhash
  • Stellite
  • Tribus
  • X16R
  • X16S
  • X17
  • X21S
  • X22i
  • CryptoNightSaber (Bittube)

CryptoDredge has a very small devfee – only 1% of time. This is less than 15 minutes per day. This is less than most competitors. We are very stringent about this value.

cryptodredge mining software

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