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ICO TOP 6 HOT LIST – Reviews and Analysis of Upcoming Top ICOs (weBuy, Fetch-AI, Mix rent, Peer Mountain, AWAX…)

ico hot list review and analyze
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1. Cryptowine Exchange - Future of decentralized fine wine trading

Cryptowine exchange (CWEX) is a blockchain based fine wine trading platform. CWEX is basically connecting cryptocurrency to the wine market. Fine wines are the amongst profitable investment assets in the market. Demand for investing then is growing significantly day by day. CWEX aims to establish an easy way to access to use with the fine wine trading platform. Its backed by its partner, DotChain GmbH a Switzerland based company.

It ensures that the obscurity and security of speculation by giving blockchain based possession confirmation to each container of wine exchanged on the trading stage. This arrangement of trading with proprietorship testaments fundamentally brings down the present preparing charges, leaving the purchaser relatively 80% higher estimation of his speculation toward the beginner. CWEX provide the fine wine merchants and cryptographic money proprietors with the likelihood to trade together without precedent for a live market condition on a genuinely worldwide scale.

2. Fetch AI - building the digital world for today, and the future

Fetch is a decentralized digital world for the future economy. Fetch is a world first blockchain based protocol built, self-organizing smart ledger. Previously the moronic ledgers and smart contracts are moderate, expensive and unfit for the requests of complex self-governing frameworks. Fetch achieves this by creating a decentralized digital world where a collective superintelligence actively delivers answers to you a world where information that benefits you and information that might benefit you is delivered effortlessly.

It provides solutions to problems that no one has yet dared to address, its enabled by a system that can handle huge numbers of tiny transactions conducted by our digital representatives. Fetch becoming a foundation that brings the establishment for a cutting-edge digital, the world where Self-sufficient Financial Operators can perform proactive monetary action, fueled by an aggregate genius. With this unrivaled execution, adaptability and a one of a kind Valuable Confirmation of useful proof of work system that brings convey the missing foundation for tomorrow’s digital economy.

3. AWAX Blockchain of Trust - Future of Finance

AWAX blockchain of trust is the new blockchain based technology of trust. Today the world needs another financial system that’s enable them to bring the invention to the older financial system. The present worldwide financial system was not intended to move trillions of dollars for billions of individuals consistently. Subsequently, customers and organizations encounter moderate exchanges, high expenses and poor similarity between monetary standards.

AWAX is providing the next generation financial and banking system, where clients flawlessly can put resources into both inactive and dynamic administration finances, for example, ETF, cryptocurrencies, Products and that’s just the beginning. We have the blockchain as the arrangement and are eager to display the most recent bleeding edge worldwide blockchain-based managing an account and trade stage. Equipped for conveying close moment exchanges, consistent business between fiat, advanced and genuine resources. These administrations conveyed with most elevated of security and at low charges contrasted with customary choices. We present to you AWAX – Bank and Multi-Utilitarian Trade Stage.


Peer Mountain is a portable initially circulated arrangement of trust. It utilizes cryptographic conventions to enable individuals and foundations to make and possess a confided in record that envelops advanced personality, trust connections, and evidence of exercises. Peer Mountain have framework individuals claim and control their information; they choose who can get to it, as their data stays unavailable and unexposed to outsiders consistently. Vendors get ongoing consistency and administrative assurance. Also, believed outsiders inspire paid to encourage trust.

Peer Mountain is the primary undertaking product token that controls the Friend Mountain environment, compensating the most dependable and solid companions. Each time an individual executes with a bank, credit office, government, or online retailer, that association creates and stores a duplicate of that individual’s data following various tenets and controls as indicated by the points of interest of the communication. The outcome is a universe of tremendous advanced strongholds, each holding a copy of the personality of any individual who has ever been a client.

5. weBuy - Advertising Platform

WeBuy is the blockchain based commerce platform. that builds an ecosystem for buyers and sellers. In this environment, Buyers needs are all that makes a difference. Purchasers set principles and conditions to be reached by Sellers which can offer their best items and costs. On-request Platform for Buyers and Sellers on the Blockchain. WeBuy is a creative, decentralized economy, rethinking the connection among Buyers and Sellers. Utilizing geolocational instruments, Sellers can control and admirably distribute their advertisement spending plans, guaranteeing they are targeting the correct market.

This leap forward arrangement wipes out the stops up that has been backing up the framework by totally evacuating the wellspring of this blockage out of play: go-between. WeBuy is a progressed BE-commerce platform got to through a versatile mobile application, in view of a mind-boggling web of virtual commercial centers, made and represented by clients of the stage (Buyers). WeBuy intends to expel the obstructions averting a great many organizations around the globe going on the web and help them augment deals. Stage highlights empower Sellers to make their online nearness in a split second at zero expense.

6. Mix Rent - Decentralized platform to RENT AND SHARE VEHICLES

Mix Rent is a blockchain based platform, that is operating since 2017 and they provide customers with a user friendly APP to rent vehicles across the globe. Mix Rent administration has been joining individuals and helping them lease diverse sorts of vehicles. To date, the platform has enrolled more than 11,000 clients that have recorded more than 7,000 vehicles. These incorporate vehicles, bikes, powerboats, development hardware, yachts, bikes and other gear. Mix Rent is accessible in the USA, Canada, Mexico, and Russia. Sooner rather than later, the stage will be acquainted with the Australian and Brazilian markets. Everything on the stage is intended to be easy to understand reviewing by place, kind of vehicle, and cost. Exceptional market offers.

Mix Rent is an option for renting a vehicle, web application and phone application are all available in various areas of the world. You can rent these vehicles all around the globe by using Mix Rent APP. autos, electric vehicles, trucks, minibusses, engine troops, bikes snowmobiles, quad runners, bikes, powerboats, yachts, helicopters, little flying machine, exceptional gear.

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