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The best mining hardware to mine cryptocurrency, like Ethereum 2019

best crypto mining hardware

When choosing the right mining hardware, it can be difficult. This article is for people who are interested in altcoin mining (Altcoins are the alternative cryptocurrencies launched after the success of Bitcoin). You will learn, what’s the best hardware to use, where to buy and how to set up everything. Keep reading and you will learn everything that you need to get started.

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This is a question that everyone asks when they think about the cryptocurrency altcoin mining. The answer depends on your financial situation. I will explain witch mining hardware you should choose on behalf of your financial situation.

If you are of those who want to try the cryptocurrency altcoin mining but don’t want to burn too much money in case it won’t succeed. Then you should choose for a low-end mining hardware. You should start mining with 3-6 GPUs. The best GPU, in this case, would be GTX 1060 or GTX 1050 TI. You don’t need to have a good processor if you are mining only altcoins that are GPU intensive. Any cheap processor that can run Windows 10 with a little lag is good. In this case, I will recommend you Intel Pentium G4400 or later. Then, you will need a motherboard that can accept 3 or more GPUs. So, I would recommend you to use Asus B250 MINING EXPERT. This motherboard can accept a lot of GPUs and also it was created for altcoin mining. Power supply, it depends how many GPUs you will run. In the best case, buy a power supply of 750 watts and more. For storage you can use SSD or HDD it depends on you, how fast windows should loud. And for the last step, RAM, 4 GB of ram is enough, you don’t need ram for mining anyway.

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The best choice should be, your local store or online store, for example, Amazon… And why should I choose for a local store in the first place? Well, if something happens then you can instantly bring your broken hardware to that store and change for a new one or send the broken part to the warranty, it will take a little bit less time than ordering online. If you decide to pay less and order it from an online store then it is also not a bad choice. But it will take weeks until you receive the item and if it’s broken then you will need to send it back and wait until it gets fixed. Anyway, it’s all about time and price.

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For this, we have a nice video to show. Follow the instructions that are shown in the video and if you have any questions, feel free to leave a comment. If you need more tutorials on how to set up everything than do a research on our website Good luck!

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